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Burchett Award

Burchett Memorial Scholarship

BRPC active members who are graduating from high school and planning to attend college in the fall have an opportunity to apply for the Howard and Carol Burchett Education Scholarship.  “Active member” should describe a recipient who attends church services and other church functions regularly and who performs volunteer work in a consistent manner at Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church and/or community.  The application form is available in March of every year from the Christian Education committee.  The Committee will select one applicant who is qualified to receive the $500.00 scholarship to be used for college academic expenses.  Carla Griffin, daughter of Howard and Carol Burchett, will present the scholarship to the selected recipient in May or June during worship at BRPC.  If, after five years, there have been no qualified applicants for the scholarship, the Christian Education Committee may consider opening the applications to other active members who are furthering their college careers.