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Saturday, May 28, 2016


  • Sunday School is in full swing.  This year we are offering three youth classes:  K-5th grade, 6th - 8th grade, and 9-12th grade.  Come join us at 9:15 for breakfast snacks and then we head upstairs to Sunday School by 9:30.
  • Adult bible study begins at 9:00 am in the little room off of the office and at 9:30 the bible study class joins the other adult class i their study if different faiths
  • Older youth are selling Tippins pies to raise money for a mission trip.

Needed - Sunday School Superintendent - If you enjoy working with children and youth and desire to help develop the spiritual growth of our young disciples, please contact Jana Henderson or Kristen Barton for more information.  The superintendent is responsible for having an effectively organized and smoothly running Church School with the help of the Christian Education Committee.

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